Fix epsilon first,
Then choose a good delta and
Reverse engineer.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2016 Math 171 students have permitted me to share.

Cauchy Convergence
Points get closer together
We thank you Cauchy

Functional limits
Apply Rolle's Theorem

My time is bounded
It's also continuous
Uniformly too.

Don't pronounce it as
"Couchy" 'cause it is wrong and
Franklin will be mad

Fix your epsilon
Choose delta in the right way
It all works out nice

This is my haiku.
This haiku does not make sense.
Cauchy Sequences.

Real analysis
Is surprisingly nifty
Let us get schwifty!

I don't like haikus.
Haikus are rather pointless.
Just like vercongence.

Advanced Calc is fun
I lied in the above line
Somehow I survived

There is a sequence
Cauchy is a property
Then it converges

If a sequence is
Monotone and bounded then
It is convergent.

I really love math
Doctor Franklin is the best

Limits are so strange.
I took so much for granted.
Calc One was a lie!

Dear Barbarians,
The naturals start at zero.
You should believe me.

Confused? Just accept,
Despite what the textbook says,
Zero's a natural.

A sequence in Q
May approach L not in Q.
Hence why we need R.

Start your proof with this:
"Let epsilon be tiny."
Now you've earned one point.

Continuous f
Has the Intermediate
Value Property