The correlation
is a standardized version
of covariance.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2024 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

An ode to variances, contingencies, and goodness of fit
Oh no, negatives!
What am I supposed to do?
I know! Just square it.

Mean, median, mode,
Data parties at the graph,
Spread's wider than hoped!

ANOVA tests, groups
Compared, variances seen,
Significance gleams

Critical region
supports the alternative
when data is there

In testing goodness
p-values reveal the fit
Data speaks its truth.

How do I find this?
That equation looks ugly!
Plug it into R

Statistics class is
where you can calculate p
and find its value

Test Equality
Two Means depends on sigma
And normal samples

Alpha and beta
can help someone understand
critical regions!

Chi distribution
used with test statistic of
the variance tests.

It's everywhere in the world
and I'm done with it