Does Poisson work here?
The Prussian army data
Allows us to check.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2020 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

Hypothesis tests,
Chi-squared for a variance,
But use F for two.

A pirate's letter
And a math major's program
Where to find C.I.'s

A test statistic
And a critical value
Make a conclusion.

Covariance of
X and X is equal to
Variance of X.

You can use the R
Software to do a lot of
Your calculations

Professor Franklin
The best professor to teach

A Student t-test
Not made by students at all
But is a pen name

Hypothesis test
Checks all the observed data
For the null premise

A binomial stats,
Like falling raindrops from clouds,
I must deal with it.

Finally, May comes.
At the long, winding road's end
Much stress is relieved.

Johanna Franklin
Is the ultimate champion
Of teaching me maths

Oh scary virus,
The probability of
Having fun is low