Which one do you know?
The number of trials, or
the success total?

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2023 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

Choose Geometric
Pet over one minus Qet
MGF so cool!

Outcomes all unfold,
Likelihood in each event,

Data found in graphs,
Telling tales in lines and bars,
Fact in numbers shown.

Confidence looms high,
Means dance in intervals wide,
Data speaks its truth.

Random paths converge,
Statistics weave tales precise,
Probabil'ty sings.

Numbers fall like leaves,
Winter's chill tests the theories,
Truths gently revealed.

Exponential chance,
Decay in random moments,
Likelihood unfolds.

Confidence interval,
Silent range of certainty,
Estimates unfold.

Which one do we have?
Discrete or continuous?
Sum or integral?

Bernoulli Trial,
But which Bernoulli is it,
There are too many

I suck at haikus
Bernoulli distribution
The mean equals p

Is the first topic in class
It is really fun

Still, I'm outraged by
"Negative Binomial"-
you deceptive minx.

Permutation or
combination? It depends
on if there's order.

Dice in constant fall
Wisdom concludes in Winter

Bernoulli Trial
Either success or failure
What is the success?

Faced with three big doors
Do you keep the one you chose
Or switch for the car?

Discrete or Continuous
Normalize Data

Two random variables:
discrete random variables, and
continuous random variables.

Distributions dance,
Math 137 unveils chance,
Probabilities enhance.