Got enough data?
The Central Limit Theorem
says that is normal.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2021 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

Chances I say it again?

Rolling a dice, thrice,
The sample space two sixteen,
What are the chances.

Null Hypothesis
Support or not to support
What's the p-value

What is regression?
It is approximation,
Requires α!

Continuous or Discrete
Success or failure

Things I learned in class?
How to predict a coin flip
There is no way to!

What I learned is that
with enough information
I can find the truth

Success or failure
coded by one and zero
is a Bernoulli.

Unlikely event?
There's distributions galore.
What are the chances?

More uncertain than normal
Lacking in data

How do I show you?
I can use a histogram
To display data