Expected value,
The variance, and the skew—
Wait just a moment!

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2015 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

Are you confident?
No, the data's not normal.
Your n is too small.

Is quite fun, but statistics
Make me think some more.

More distributions
Scary looking formulas
Made me cry a lot.

Normal, t-table
So many distributions
Which am I to use

Poisson is so mean
Lambda is the reason now
I get Poisson now.

Made for Guiness brewery
Used with small samples

The parameters
Have many meanings that help
A distribution

There are lots of things
To remember for the test
Such as regressions.

Confidence Interval
Sample size so large
Distributed normally
Nice to know sigma

Delightful fall math
Probability fo-mo
In spring semester.

Stem and leaf during the fall
Cannot wait for spring

See distribution
Find the correct formula
Get the right answer.

Practice for the P Exam
Going to be tough.

And chi-square distribution
Degrees of freedom

Probs tells 'bout the world
Normal tells it all.
Poisson tells binomial.

Distributions, intervals
Has some fun problems!

Also some distributions
Mostly how to cry.

Distributions rock
Discrete and continuous
Don't get them confused!

For lots of data
It's fine to use a normal
To estimate things.

See you frequently
What an almighty friend
Normal distribution is.

Probability is such
A tricky subject.

Memorize distributions
Always do homework.

So many questions
About colored balls and dice
What is not to like?

Find a sample mean
Draw a modified boxplot
Stem-and-leaf for data.

You use the z-score
When we approximate
Distance from the mean.

Most important rule:
Probabilities above 1
Mean something is wrong.

Probability is used quite often,
I need it to pass actuary exams,
and now will not gamble.