Each week, we see more
parametric surfaces
horns and helicoids

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2019 Math 073 students have permitted me to share.

Through R^n we stride
Conservative fields, inbound!
Surely, curl div found.

Life is Calculus
There is always that one thing
Variable z

Line integrals rock!
Integrate down to my socks!
Five more syllables!

I really like math
Double/triple angle life
Math and physics link

Despite all the math
The skill I polished most was
Sarcastic remarks

Up, down, left, and right.
Circles, lines, and surfaces.
There is no escape.

Polar and spherical
Coordinates are cool
Useful and diverse

Use the cross product
Do not confuse it with dot
You will fail the test

The Jacobian
Mixing matching combining
It's what you're lacking

I was good at math
I thought math was straight-forward
Then I took Calc 3

Solving integrals
Single, double, triple all
Include a squiggly

Is the best thing I learned
It is so useful

In class I learned calc
Many integrals indeed
Tons of graphing too

Spring semester's here.
Triple integrals are near.
And vectors. Don't fear.

Fun coordinates
Rectangular and polar
And spherical too

Double integrals
Integrate two dimensions
By two sets of bounds

Equation of plane
You need the normal vector
Use the cross product

"Green's Theorem"
Closed curve and double integral
Fighting for major role in family named plane.
What would line integral choose?

Triple integrals
The time flew
Who knew