Euler diagrams
Do the sets intersect, or
could they be disjoint?

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2020 Math 045 students have permitted me to share.

Logic, statistics
Lots of formulas to learn
And truth tables too!

Which one is better?
Yummy Earl Gray or green tea?
I think I like both!

My dog ate my notes
she ate the modus ponens
I had to relearn

I am so unable
To watch videos online
And take notes on them.

All men are mortal
Gerard Butler is a man
Gerard is mortal

Fallacies are false,
Tautologies are true, and
Truth table to tell.

If it is raining,
then the sidewalk must be wet.
Tell me what you think.

What's the probabil-
-ity? Greater than one, or
Is it independent?

Fifty-two cards in a deck,
Solving truth tables

P or Q, not P
Disjunctive syllogism
It has to be Q

How many heart cards,
Are there in a deck of cards,
If none can be red?

Double negation
Is just another saying
Of the initial.

Work from inside out
Venn Diagrams are about
Let's attempt a 3!

Can win you money against
A younger sibling

In a truth table,
If the consequence is false,
It is invalid.

valid argument?
use a truth table to check
avoid fallacies

Would you like to know
How to break an argument?
Use a truth table

We learned arguments
If they were valid or not
Was my best topic

Are you an outcome?
Are you the result of a

your premises: false
your conclusion: fallacious
wrong implications

You have D and V.
If both premises are true
Their table is true.

do the calculation
what are the odds that you're wrong
shuffling for a lizzo song?

Using diagrams
Makes everything easier
When you're doing math

the words not, and, or
are logical connectives

Bayes' Theorem is fun,
Tree diagrams are so cool,
Long calculation.

What's behind the door?
Is it a goat or a car?
The world may not know

And, or, all, exists
DeMorgan's equivalence
Makes it easier

Two related sets
These two were named A and B
It's universal

Holidays are near.
I'm sad that class has to end.
Onto the next things.

A combination
Handful of pens from a jar
How many are there?

A new season comes.
Life is full of happiness.
The sun shines for all.

It's getting colder.
I don't like feeling cold but,
I still love autumn!

Roses may be red
But are violets always blue
I don't know do you

Translate the sentence
Is this tautology true?
A valid statement.

So what do you pick?
When you have a cool option,
Of a goat or car.

What logic is it?
Modus Ponens or,
Disjunctive Syllogism.

Statements, true or false.
Can be simple or compound.
Used throughout logic.

Be careful with words.
It can often be tricky.
Be meticulous.

This semester I learned,
of probability, sets,
and logic, online!

Truth Tables are fun
You find out what's true or false
But they may take long

With equivalence,
De Morgan's laws are useful,
opposites are same

De Morgan's Laws State
You need to switch and and or
For the complement

If we learned logic,
Or learned probability,
That is a union.

what i learned in math
was on biconditionals
and on truth tables

winter peace and quiet
the birds and bugs are all gone
the wind is so cold

It is ending soon
Now I can argue better
Thanks to this class. Yay!

Hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs
What is the likelihood of?

Why is it so cold?
Where did all the hot air go?
Time to hibernate!

Which door will you pick?
One with a goat behind it?
Or one with a car?

If I drink coffee
I will be really hyper
Thus, I'll drink water

Can't be broken down further
Would be a simple event getting heads and tails
Compound can be broken down

If you use there is,
Sometimes it is not just one,
There may be some more

COVID go away!
Everything should be normal,
but hopefully soon!

A question we solved,
that not all pigs are purple
who knew in the end?