All of the bar plots
The same data, accenting
Different attributes.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2021 Math 008 students have permitted me to share.

Normal distribution's friend
So close, like sisters

Many regressions
Lots of our hypotheses
Distribution types

Histograms make bins
most common bin is the mode
could have more than 1

Presenting data
Tables, bar plots, charts, and graphs
Visual answers

the mean, median, and mode
different data measures
so much fun to use!

standard error or
standard deviation or
calculating stats

A Type 1 Error
is not always better than
a Type 2 Error.

Find the p-value
To interpret test results
In RStudio

Applied Statistics
Both skewed and distributed
One of its tails long

I have learned a lot
Including RStudio
And how to use it

This statistical
Analysis is so fun
I have learned a lot

I like normal dists
They are shaped liked Bells, so nice
thumbs down on chi squared

Experiment and
Observational study
Helps you get data

prob. of getting yes
input to transformation
lower AIC

There is right and left
The direction is good too
Now we know the skew

Lots of regressions
Linear and logistics
Learning every day

Linear regressions
All of the calculations
get you the answer.

Hypothesis tests
Varying distributions
Still the same process

Data sets are not always
Inherently bad

only five numbers
the impact of outlier points
box and whisker plot

Are they related?
Use chi-square test to find out.
Independence found.

All of the bar plots
Positive slope, going up
Null hypothesis

some data samples
form normal distributions
upside down smiley

Testing for z-scores
Turning into p-value,
Making conclusions.

CIs, hyp testing
Tidyverse, openintro
Unpaired and paired data

compute p-value,
the confidence interval,
get standard error

Of me acing this exam
Not in the table.

Linear model
in R. Oh no, outliers!
Draw test statistic.

Two variables,
one the cause and one effect,
dependent or not

Helps you everywhere
And is shown in R.